Second round. Economics
We asked some of the contestants what they thought about the tasks and their performance.
The second round has passed, leaving the teams surprised and excited. They were given a number of challenging questions related to various subfields of economics. One question was written only the day before the round by the jury. We asked some of the contestants what they thought about the tasks and their performance.

Team Greece

It was okay, I finished earlier. The tasks require complicated thinking, and we didn't have enough time to prepare, only a month. But if we had had more time for preparation, I think it would have been easier.

The test was interesting and made one think a lot, but it was also inspiring. For example, one of the tasks was about drug abuse issue. It was very inspiring because it's a problem that exists in every country and it has to stop.

As Eric Maskin said yesterday, in order for us to have these competitions and tests, there should be examples which are not easier than the worldwide economics. So that we can deal with real life problems.

Team India

It was fascinating and really applicable. It was challenging, but because it was enjoyable it didn't seem that complicated. It's difficult to pick one question I liked most, as all questions were fun to do.

Team Malaysia

It is the second time Nicole takes part in the IEO. She was a winner of the case round in 2018, making a great presentation.

Nicole says that this year the Olympiad is more challenging and there are more participants from different countries. The atmosphere of the Olympiad pushes her to become better and better.

The tasks looked similar to the last year's ones. But, in general, they were more enjoyable. There were interesting and unexpected questions, mostly related with Maths and analysis.

Do you remember a question in a task that seemed to you more interesting?

A task about drugs was pretty interesting along with the question about artificial intelligence. It grabbed my attention because it's a problem that we're facing right now but as future economists would be able to solve one day.

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