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We are getting aquatinted with our contestants and would like to tell you about some of the teams.

It was a long and overnight trip, so we couldn't sleep well. Some of us are sleeping right now, but it was not bad. From Athens to Moscow it took 4 hours and then 1,5 hours. Team Greece consists of 5 persons. Our Team Leaders are Lukas Ahilos and Kristos Benos. Lukas is a mathematician, but also studies astronomy. Kristos is doing his Masters in economics.

It was our professors' decision and we had very little time to prepare for the Olympiad. They just found three girls from Volos and they couldn't find any more there. That's why they found two boys in another town called Larissa by chance.


It's the second IEO for Aiganym Daupbaeva from Team Kazakhstan-2.

We arrived by plane, it took us almost 4 hours, but it was a direct flight, so it was okay. It was interesting to see Piter from a plane, I didn't know it was so green. When you're flying above the city, there's not a single brown spot: everything is green.

When traveling here, I was thinking of the last year's Olympiad, which was one of the best experiences in my life. It was the greatest event both academic- and social wise. I came here to see something interesting and exciting. And of course, I can't wait to see the tasks.

Kazakhstan is one of the organizators and so is entitled to send two teams. The first one are award winners of the Republic Olympiad, they have gold and silver winners. The second one is a backup team and they are the last year's winners.


Spain has arrived at 6 a.m. The flight from Barcelona to St. Petersburg took 4 hours.

This is their first visit to Russia, except Santiago Herrero-Tejedor who had previously visited Russia. Last year he was at the same place - Pushkin - where the International Economics Olympiad takes place.

Are you afraid?

Not scared - came here to enjoy the participation. We passed two levels. The first - local olympiad at federal state. Where 3 best students were chosen. The second tour – national level. Five of team members won the national level and came here in St. Petersburg
There are 5 persons from different cities - Madrid, Cadiz and Zaragoza.


There are 4 participants from Malaysia and 2 Team Leaders - Amidi and Daniel. Their flight took 19 hours (!) and they hadn't met each other before the flight.

The team had 2 rounds before IEO: Local level (for Malaysian schools) and National level. 10% were selected for the second tour. The competition on National level looked like a presentation of a business case.

How do you feel?

The team feels quite comfortable. The weather is less cold than we expected. We feel pressure. We're here for the first place and we will try to do our best.


It is the first time Romanian team takes part in the Olympiad. Four students and a team leader, the teacher of one of the team members, had to fly to Moscow and spend 7 hours at the airport. 'It was the most tearing part', says Bogdan Gulie.

"I didn't know if there was an international round, so I googled it and when I found IEO, I thought, 'Oh, maybe I can apply'. But I didn't have results then for my national olympiad, which was on presentations, so I waited. For that olympiad I made a project about the oil market. And after winning a third prize, I thought, 'Maybe now I have a chance to apply".

"This is my first time in Russia but I always wanted to visit it. It was pretty interesting for me. I can't wait to get into the city and see the streets and the music places".


Contestants from Brazil had an especially long trip to St Petersburg. 'We spent almost 4 days without a shower', said the team. 'We flew to Dubai, then to Moscow, and then had a train to St Petersburg'

'We're 5 members and two team leaders, the founders of the Brazilian Economics Olympiad. And we're the first five places of that Olympiad'

The Brazilian team leader had been at the Olympiad last year in Moscow, but was amazed at the new location. 'The first impression: it's awesome'.

The contestants agree, 'Everything is beautiful here. In Brazil, there are many pretty places. But they are never perfect. There always has to be something dirty. And here, even the poor places are beautiful. It's amazing!'


For the joyful Indonesian team, coming to Kochubey took a lot of time but didn't leave the members exhausted. Some of them slept through the whole flight from Jakarta to Doha, and from Doha to St Petersburg.

"We are five members in the team plus two team leaders. They are a lecturer at a famous university in Jakarta and a government official in the Ministry of Education"

The students already got to know each other. 'We met one year ago at the Indonesian Competition of Economics. We've come a long way'.

'After winning the National round, we went through the selection process. It lasted for a month, and there was a lot of tests. It was a lot of struggle, but we're having a lot of fun here. So it's all worth it, I'd say'.


Not all contestants had a good flight but Austria did!

"Last year was awesome — it was the first time we participated in such a competition. We did not have these expectations last year and we could only congratulate Russian team and the whole steering committee who did a great job. We were just looking forward to the competition in Saint Petersburg".

"We are a team of 5 persons and 1 team leader that has his own business! In Austria, we have a competition for young entrepreneurs called «Changemaker program». This competition is for all types of schools. If you have a business idea you can participate in it. You have to be approved by certain jury and only the winning teams are competing for the plaсes in the IEO. By the way, we spent a whole week in Kitzbühel preparing for the competition".


Latvian team called their trip to Russia really good and fast.

"We try to be not too worried about trying to win again this year. Those who take part in the IEO for the second time would like to enjoy it more than they did last year as students were nervous and anxious about doing their best. But this time we will try to get the best experience. And those who participate for the first time cannot say that they have the highest expectations but students will do their best and lean towards the victory. The competition is stressful as there are so many new people from all around the world. I am here for the show!"

"We are five members in the team. We had a Regional Olympiad and then a National one in Latvia. The winners went to the IEO. Oh, we had the preparation with the second team of Latvia and most of their team is from one class in school".

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