Winner of the third round is announced!
Team China-1, juniors from the international school of Shanghai, congratulations!
Round three was held on the 28 of July. All IEO contestants prepared presentations with detailed analysis and business models, but only 5 teams with the best presentations and solutions of the Mckinsey case went to the final. Jury of this round decided to present the first place to the team China-1, second place went to Brazil, third — China-2.

We had a chance to talk to the winners of the last round — team China-1, juniors from the international school of Shanghai.

Did you expect to win today?
It was really unexpected for us to win! We think that financial analyses of Brazil and New Zealand were really good. Everyone seemed to have more data, analysis and experience in this field than we had.

Have you ever been to other olympiads?
We took part in other olympiads and competitions in economics in China, it was pretty interesting, but no so good and interesting as here, at the IEO.

How did you prepared for the presentation of your case solution?
We spent a lot of time doing the design of PPT in order to make it good. We didn't revise the material a lot at night as we were well-prepared in advance.

Did the case seem to you complicated or was it easy?
It actually was more openminded rather than difficult. The jury gave us more space — they asked questions which we could more elaborate on. So, in terms of difficulty, I can't say it was easy, but it was quite interesting. The direction of the solution was not given and we had space for creativity. This case challenged our ability to adapt quickly.

How do you think why did you win?
We think that we were just a bit more prepared than other participants and presented our case better than others.

Our congratulations, guys! You did a big job!

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